Saturday, May 12, 2007

Request Financial Need for Studying

Mg Aung Myin who is currently studying Medical Science at Magway Medical Colleage as a Final Part I student, is seeking financial help for his studies. He is a member of poor family and his parents cannot support enough his financial need.

Unfortunately, his parents are unable to support him so Mg Aung Myin is facing difficulties for his continue studying. He is almost near his goal just need a few steps to be Medical Doctor. He needs about 50,000 Kyats per month for 2.5 years.

I would like to request those who wish to support Mg Aung Myin's financial need for studying.

Kindly contact me if you wish to support Mg Aung Myin or contact him directly to the following his contact.

Mg Phoe Htaung
(65) 81803157


Mg Aung Myin
Final Part I
Magway Medical College
NIRC : 5/PaLaNa(N) 056974
No.239,Myitta Street , Ywarlay Qtr, Magway
Phone (95)-63-21559

Money can be transfered to Mg Aung Myint via MOB and Yoma Bank in Magway.

DateAmountSupporter FromTransferedReceived By Student
26 Aug 0860,000 KyatsMalaysia,SGTransfered
3 May 08190000 KyatsJapan,Malaysia,SGTransferedReceived
14 Mar 0850,000 KyatsMalaysia,SGTransferedReceived
12 Feb 0869,000 KyatsMalaysia,SGTransferedReceived(Feb 20)
06 Jan 0860,000+ KyatsMalaysia,SGTransfered11 Jan 08
30 Sep 07100,000 KyatsJapanTransferedReceived
31 July 07130 SG$Malaysia, SingaporeTransfered6 Aug 2007
25 May 2007100,000 KyatsJapanYesReceived(1 June 07)
Note: This is scholarship application when he was 3rd year student.


Thyda said...

I think, I can help him for some amount.

I'd like to know;

How much amount does he need for one month for his study and living expenses?

How many months does he need to attend school until graduation?

Phoe Htaung said...

Appreciate your concern. I updated information for your questions.

Ma Bote said...


i also want to help him. Please let me know, all the facts written in your post are realities?
Please don't get me wrong. I just need the garantee from you.

Phoe Htaung said...

Yes, it is true. You can contact him directly.

Phoe Htaung said...

I can guarantee.

Anonymous said...

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sara said...

Hai welcome,

i am saravanan i am in india. i have already came in one time in singapore. at a time a agent to apply a spass for me in singapore but not give me a fin number so how to check my spass status so please send me mail i am waiting for ur mail

thanks and regards

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