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Prepare before applying Graduate Diploma in System Analyst (ISS, NUS)

I would like to suggest those who are applying Graduate Diploma in System Analyst at ISS, NUS. If you do not know programming and IT good knowledge, consider carefully before you apply. I don't think it is very difficult to get admission. However it is not easy to get Diploma if you do not have programming knowledge.

Check on this.
- Currently 49 Myanmar students in 90 total are studying this course.
- First exam, three or four Myanmar students failed exam and terminated.
- Final exam, there are a few Mynamar students failed and cannot get diploma.
- Some Myanmar studnets can only obtain completion letter.

- Tution Fee SGD 6000
- Loan : 80%

If student failed and terminated, need to pay all loan before go back.

--Reason for fail
Those who failed exam and terminated do not have programming experiencse or knowledge. Very hard to follow.

Even this couse is intended for non-IT people, be aware of what happening in current batch.

Therefore, please be prepare your programming knowledge to attend this course.
The followings contents are teaching in this course for your prepartion.

- Basic Programming (C#, .NET 2.0)
- OOP (C#, Java)
- OOAD (UML, Use Case,etc)
- Web Programming (ADO.NET, ASP.NET, JSP)
- Java Mobile programming

For each section, student needs to do small to medium project with group work.
- Final project is more than that.

If you want to know about this course, contact me..
I am happy. :D

Good Luck
Phoe Htaung

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