Saturday, May 12, 2007

Request Financial Need for Studying

Mg Aung Myin who is currently studying Medical Science at Magway Medical Colleage as a Final Part I student, is seeking financial help for his studies. He is a member of poor family and his parents cannot support enough his financial need.

Unfortunately, his parents are unable to support him so Mg Aung Myin is facing difficulties for his continue studying. He is almost near his goal just need a few steps to be Medical Doctor. He needs about 50,000 Kyats per month for 2.5 years.

I would like to request those who wish to support Mg Aung Myin's financial need for studying.

Kindly contact me if you wish to support Mg Aung Myin or contact him directly to the following his contact.

Mg Phoe Htaung
(65) 81803157


Mg Aung Myin
Final Part I
Magway Medical College
NIRC : 5/PaLaNa(N) 056974
No.239,Myitta Street , Ywarlay Qtr, Magway
Phone (95)-63-21559

Money can be transfered to Mg Aung Myint via MOB and Yoma Bank in Magway.

DateAmountSupporter FromTransferedReceived By Student
26 Aug 0860,000 KyatsMalaysia,SGTransfered
3 May 08190000 KyatsJapan,Malaysia,SGTransferedReceived
14 Mar 0850,000 KyatsMalaysia,SGTransferedReceived
12 Feb 0869,000 KyatsMalaysia,SGTransferedReceived(Feb 20)
06 Jan 0860,000+ KyatsMalaysia,SGTransfered11 Jan 08
30 Sep 07100,000 KyatsJapanTransferedReceived
31 July 07130 SG$Malaysia, SingaporeTransfered6 Aug 2007
25 May 2007100,000 KyatsJapanYesReceived(1 June 07)
Note: This is scholarship application when he was 3rd year student.

Saturday, March 24, 2007

Job Hunting Advise in Singapore

I would like to advise those who are coming to Singapore and hunting jobs based on what I have experienced and known. The information I provide is only I have known. Please try to get more information as much as you can. There are several thousand of Myanmar people are working in SG. It might be useful for you.

1. Verification of Your Documents
I believe that you already know what documents you have to bring for job hunting in SG. Let me remind you one thing as follow:

The University Name in your degree certificate, transcript, and grading should be the same. In case of different (example see below), you should get the explanation letter issued by right body for the reason of difference.

University of Computer Studies in Yangon (UCSY) was Institute of Computer Science and Technologies (ICST) before. Those who graduated before new name obtained ICST degree but their transcript, grading are issued with UCSY if they request after new name. If so, this will make MOM (Ministry Of Man power) misunderstand and doubt when your EP/SP application is processed.

You have to provide “Explanation Letter” which can make convince the authority for the truth.

Documents List for EP/SP application
-Degree Certificate(s)
-Transcript (Optional)
-Grading (Optional)

Check here

Notary Translation is required for any document written in any other language except English.

EP/SP application requires each copy of your qualification documents. Original documents may need to be shown upon request.

2. Whether you should fly with Silk Air or MAI?

When you come to SG, someone may suggest you to fly with Silk Air so that you can get ONE MONTH stay on arrival.

Totally WRONG, Absolutely INCORRECT. Whichever flight is OK. The immigration officer doesn’t investigate which air line.

3. Passing Immigration Check Point?

How long stay you can get depends on immigration officer and how you conduct some questions asked by officer. You might be asked the purpose of visit or other questions.

Check through the officer who looks kind.:)

Some people are afraid to tell the purpose of visit which is "Looking For JOB". I would suggest that you should tell simply the truth.

"I am IT professional and coming to seek job opportunity in SG" OR "I am IT professional and I have two interviews which are already scheduled."

If you are asked "How long you want?", then request one month. As far as I know nobody has got more than one month.

You should have better words how to tell immigration officer.

4. Your English should be good enough.
It is obvious that how English skill is important. SG is English speaking country.

If your English is good enough, you can express easily clearly who you are, what you can do, etc.

If your English is not good enough, you will miss your opportunity whatever your technical skills are good.

Try to improve your English more and more.

5. Your resume should be impressive.
Employers can check your ability, experience and skill in your resume before they meet you or talk. Therefore, you have to clearly mention your career objectives, skills, experiences, and qualification so that the employers can evaluate you in short time.

Find good resume format in the internet. Here is the sample I have. I am not saying this one is good. Just to check..
download here

6. Spread your resume if READY.
Sending resume can be done within a few minutes. Make sure your resume is impressive and make employers willingly to call you.
Make sure your contact mobile number and email are properly functioning.

Here is some jobs web site I have.
Career Jet (New)
Strait Times

You can search in google for more jobs site. The above sites are popular in SG.

Here is agent list I have.

Download Here

Drop message and leave your email in cobx if you cannot download the agent list then I will send to you.

NOTE: Some of agent's email address may not work. So you can visit their websites and find the contact.

7. How do you get interview place?

If you are appointed for interview, agent/employer will call you first then interview place and schedule will be sent via email.

Singapore’s transportation system is quite good. You can get information detail online.

Here you can find easily your interview place. Click Here

8. Interview Advise

Well prepare how to deal with interviewer in terms of technologies, work attitude, interpersonal skills, etc.

Prepare how to tell the key point what you have done in good things, how you can contribute company’s business. Tell employer why you are important for them, etc.

Technical Interview questions reference here
Click here

9. Bargaining Salary

Be smart to bargain your salary. Keep in touch with market and salary report so that you can adjust your expected salary.

Salary report can be checked on some job website.

For contract, mostly AWS (Annual Wage Supply) is not provided. For permanent AWS is provided normally. But depend on company. Make sure to ask AWS and other benefit.

10. Technologies

You can check job website for which technologies are popular in SG. You may need to revise your resume according to job responsibilities and work nature.

11. How do you apply EP/SPass after you get offer
Your employer will apply EP/SP for you. There are two ways to apply.
(a) Online Application
- Faster (Total processing time takes One Week according to current processing)
(b) Normal Application (via post mail)
- Your application is to be sent via post mail. It takes 3 to 5 days to record MOM's database.
- Slow compare to Online Application.
- Total processing time takes Two Weeks and more.

Request your employer to apply online for faster processing.

Once your FIN(Foreign Identification Number) is issued, you can query your application status via automatic answering phone system 64385122. Follow the instructions.

12. Work Nature

Some companies ask to work 5.5 days per week. Some companies ask 5 days. Overtime is normally not paid.

13. Housing and Other expenses

Check Here

Government eServices

Singapore gov is providing its services online efficiently. Some of e-gov web sites

EP/SPass and other pass related
Ministery of Man Power

PR, Visa extension, etc
Immigration and Check Point Authority

14. Someone asked me the followings.

When should come to SG?
I think after Chinese New Year is quite good. Better check jobs websites frequently how many new jobs are advertised.

Medical Checkup
Your EP/SPass is approved, you must take medical checkup (HIV and TB) to collect your pass. (Note: as far as I know Hepatitis B is not in the list of Medical Checkup form)

SPass(Q2) – Salary >= 1800
EP (Q1) – Salary >= 2500
However, SPass or EP is considered based on not only salary but also company quota. For example, your salary is more than 2500 but company’s EP quota is exceeded, you will get SPass.

Employment Pass Eligibility Certificate (EPEC)
Your qualification(s) is recognized by SG government, you can apply EPEC which is valid ONE year to hunt job. As far as I know, Myanmar qualifications are not recognized by SG government. Not 100% sure. You can try.

From 2 May 2007, all manual applications(EPEC) received in Singapore and Contact Singapore Centres will not be accepted Click Here Detail

Cannot bring your family on your EPEC pass. EPEC is eligible to find job in SG as the qualification(s) you obtained is recognized by SG gov. Once you get EP or SPass(salary >= 2500), you can apply dependant visa for your family.

Thank you! Good Luck all. Don’t hesitate to drop any comment. I am happy to get your comment and glad to help you if I can.

Phoe Htaung

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Impossible is Nothing :)

It was in Japan when Phoe Htaung was studying there. Adidas Promotion! A pair (female and male) had to pull big bus to read a small distance. We got T-Shirt(Impossible is Nothing). Female is my friend same batch of UCSY(6th Batch).

Phoe Htaung

Monday, March 05, 2007

Saturday, February 17, 2007

Thursday, February 08, 2007

Prepare before applying Graduate Diploma in System Analyst (ISS, NUS)

I would like to suggest those who are applying Graduate Diploma in System Analyst at ISS, NUS. If you do not know programming and IT good knowledge, consider carefully before you apply. I don't think it is very difficult to get admission. However it is not easy to get Diploma if you do not have programming knowledge.

Check on this.
- Currently 49 Myanmar students in 90 total are studying this course.
- First exam, three or four Myanmar students failed exam and terminated.
- Final exam, there are a few Mynamar students failed and cannot get diploma.
- Some Myanmar studnets can only obtain completion letter.

- Tution Fee SGD 6000
- Loan : 80%

If student failed and terminated, need to pay all loan before go back.

--Reason for fail
Those who failed exam and terminated do not have programming experiencse or knowledge. Very hard to follow.

Even this couse is intended for non-IT people, be aware of what happening in current batch.

Therefore, please be prepare your programming knowledge to attend this course.
The followings contents are teaching in this course for your prepartion.

- Basic Programming (C#, .NET 2.0)
- OOP (C#, Java)
- OOAD (UML, Use Case,etc)
- Web Programming (ADO.NET, ASP.NET, JSP)
- Java Mobile programming

For each section, student needs to do small to medium project with group work.
- Final project is more than that.

If you want to know about this course, contact me..
I am happy. :D

Good Luck
Phoe Htaung

Water Breaking.... :D

Thursday, January 18, 2007


With Mitta
Phoe Htuang

Friday, January 12, 2007

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Is my son clever?

My son pays respect to Buddha and monk when he sees.

With Mitta
Phoe Htaung

Thursday, January 04, 2007

Believe it or not?

Whether believe it or not! It is true..

You can buy Viet Bride in Singapore.
Price is between SGD 5000 to 20000. Based on age and virginity.


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